Virginia Board Of Medicine Suspends Doctor Who Allegedly Gave 10 Students Hypnotic Drug To Make Them Perform Bizarre Penis Procedures On Each Other

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The Virginia Board of Medicine has suspended a controversial 59-year-old doctor who had allegedly made 10 students perform bizarre penis procedures on one another. Dr John Henry Hagmann is accused of giving the students ketamine, a hypnotic drug.

Hagmann also allegedly instructed the students to insert catheters into the genitals of other trainees, while he is said to have made two drunk students undergo nerve block procedures on their penises. The doctor is not new to these accusations since a report by the Virginia Board of Medicine, a state agency that regulates doctors’ conduct, said that Hagmann also provided trainees in 2012 and 2013 with drugs and liquors and ordered them to do “macabre medical procedures on one another.”

For these breaches, the board temporarily suspended in March his medical license and set a hearing on June 19. The board has the power to revoke the licence of Hagmann who insisted that all the protocols and mechanisms he used in the training met state benchmarks and are also used in other medical schools in Virginia.

He denied there was sexual gratification in the procedures. Hagmann stressed all the procedures and courses underwent review and got approval from the officers at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. The university is a medical college operated by the government that provides training and preparation for health professionals who support the military.

But medical experts familiar with trauma training were reportedly stunned when they heard the techniques performed by Hagmann. They said the procedures were not done or provided in good faith for medicinal or therapeutic purposes. David King, a professor at Harvard Medical School, described the charges as wildly unheard of and likely not safe.

One such accusation is Hagmann’s use of injured pigs as part of live-tissue training. While pressure from animal rights group made the US military reduce live-tissue training, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sought an outright prohibition on the training.

The board’s recent report also alleged that Hagmann told a student of his proficiency in rectal exams while they were in a warehouse in the doctor’s property. While drinking beer, Hagmann asked the student about the effect of an uncircumcised male organ on masturbation and sexual intercourse and asked the student to examine, manipulate and photograph his penis.

But Hagmann told Reuters that his comments on circumcision were part of is live-tissue trauma training course. He emphasised that the debate the importance and effect of circumcision is an ongoing medical and social issue that goes all the way back to the Victorian era and “is still a current topic subject to scientific research.”

Hagmann is considered a pioneer and expert in trauma management since he was an emergency room doctor for 20 years in the US Army. In 2000, he retired and opened Deployment Medicine Consultants which became the top trauma-response trainer after the Sept 11, 2001, attack in New York City. The federal government paid Hagmann’s company over $10.5 million.

Meanwhile, police arrested a New Orleans woman allegedly stabbing her husband on his male organ and other body parts. Cops booked 34-year-old Emma Atkins on Saturday for aggravated second-degree battery charges. She was arrested on Saturday night after eluding authorities since May 23 when a warrant was issued.

Her husband, who got a protective order, is in a local hospital for stab wounds in his arm, hand, back, abdomen and penis. Atkins has prior arrest record for possession of marijuana.

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