Chairman Of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Inc. Vince McMahon (R) Holds A Plaque
IN PHOTO: Vince McMahon (R), the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Inc., hold a plaque as he poses with the WWE star Triple H after McMahon's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was unveiled during a ceremony in California March 14, 2008 Reuters/Fred Prouser

World Wrestling Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon and his Executive Vice-President Triple H appear to be at odds over significant creative decisions and the direction of the company. The conflict has reportedly affected the writers of the company when the top honchos of the wrestling outfit are having exclusive meetings and are keeping the main storyline creators out in the dark.

"Word is that some of the WWE writers feel they are once again being left in the dark on certain parts of the booking. Triple H and Vince McMahon have been meeting a lot with just the two of them to discuss creative," the Wrestling Observer newsletter revealed in its latest issue.

McMahon and Triple H's tension apparently began at the tail-end of last year when the company introduced former WCW superstar Sting during the Survivor Series. Triple H is reportedly adamant to continue his rivalry with TNA Hall of Famer and wants more promotion of the bad blood leading up to a grandiose match at Wrestlemania 31 in March. McMahon is on the other side of the fence with the idea and wants to pair his most loyal employee, The Undertaker, instead.

That was the first instance that the public got hold of some tension in the WWE's first family. Apparently there are other items on the menu which also includes the non-supportive stance of McMahon to the Ascension's prominence, the eventual takeover of NXT talents and the resistance to take on long-term contracts for talents. McMahon is credited for some of wrestling's better moves, even taking the company in the doldrums in the early 1980s to a billion-dollar industry that it is now. It would not come as a surprise if the Chairman of the WWE would resist some big changes to his company, including taking it back to the TV-14 classification.

Triple H's team has suggested reverting back to the TV-14 ratings in an effort to revive flailing ratings, but McMahon is resisting the change. Understandably, the company enjoyed a great deal of success in the latter part of the 2000s when it focused in capturing the younger audiences, but with ratings suffering, the creative minds are considering alternatives. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer first reported the said consideration but it appears any modification will be made at the latter end of the year as the WWE is still testing the market for its exclusive television network.