Katheryn Winnick [right] as Lagertha in "Vikings" TV series on the History Channel. Vikings/ Facebook

A new teaser trailer of “Vikings” season 5 has been released online. The video appears to show the aftermath of the bloody war that will be fought between Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen). There will be huge losses on both sides, but that will not be the end of the bloodshed.

There will be a lot of fighting and deaths next season. The teaser (see below) shows Lagertha using a flaming arrow to burn down a Viking ship with a body inside. Obviously, she will lose someone close to her in this fight, but that will not be the only death. Scores of ships can be seen in the video, and they are all there for the funeral ritual.

It should be noted that this form of burial is reserved for kings. It looks like Lagertha is giving her followers a grand funeral to build up morale among the troops that remain by her side.

An extended version of the trailer was posted on Facebook. Just as Lagertha will lose men, so will Ivar. The crippled heir of the great Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) can be seen crawling to a stream of water after an intense battle.

Will Ivar lose this fight against Lagertha? The son of Ragnar still has a long way to go to prove that he is a capable king who can lead his people to glory.

The only alternative for the Viking people at the moment is Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig). Strong leadership is needed now more than ever, as they will eventually have to face Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) on the battlefield.

The wait is almost over, as “Vikings” season 5 is set to premiere on Nov. 29. Details about the plot of the first episode should be available online in the coming weeks.

Credit: History/ YouTube