Katheryn Winnick [right] as Lagertha in "Vikings" TV series on the History Channel. Vikings/ Facebook

Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) has changed her Instagram profile picture to a still of her character from the recently released teaser trailer of "Vikings." The actress promised the next season to be “epic.”

Lagertha will be involved in a big fight against the forces loyal to Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) sons. The teary-eyed still of the character from the battlefield suggests that things may not go well for her in this battle.

Winnick’s comment about the show comes at a time of growing concern in the fan base about the possible death of Lagertha. This sentiment is bolstered with the announcement of the actress taking on directorial duties in season 6. Winnick has a large following who may find it hard to accept her character’s death on the show.

Deaths and loss are bound to take place. The logical thing for the vikings to do is unite against common enemies, but Ivar is in no mood for a compromise. The son of Ragnar is keen on seeking revenge for the murder of his mother.

Revenge is not the only thing on Ivar’s mind. He has the ambition to become the next king, even though Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is the natural heir. In the trailer (see below), Ivar promises a war among the brothers, a war that will lead to the rise of a king. Bjorn may not be interested in such power struggle that will weaken his people. The trailer shows him taking a journey to foreign lands.

On top of all the internal struggles, the sons of Ragnar will have to eventually face Bishop Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) in “Vikings” season 5. Heahmund is determined to fight the invaders of his land, but he will first have to assemble a large enough army to fight.


It's going to be epic! Season 5 trailer is out.. Premiere Nov 29th. #Vikings

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