Former British Soccer Player David Beckham And His wife, Fashion Designer Victoria Beckham During The Evening Standard Theatre Awards In London
Former British soccer player David Beckham and his wife, fashion designer Victoria Beckham attend the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in London November 30, 2014. Reuters/Neil Hall

Victoria Beckham and reality star Kim Kardashian have one thing in common. They both have good skin and share the same dermatologist too. In her latest interview with a fashion magazine, Victoria credits Dr Lancer for her shiny skin. The 40-year-old swears by the Los Angeles based dermatologist for special Oxygen facials and says she has "never looked back." The British designer talked about her skincare regime, diet and workout details with the latest issue of magazine.

"I swear by Dr. Lancer products. He's a dermatologist that I met in Los Angeles. I started going to him for oxygen facials, and I haven't looked back," said Victoria to The former Spice Girl reveals that she has a very simple routine that consists of a "really good polish, then an exfoliating cleanse, then I use a nourish cream." She does it twice a day for good skin care.

However the former pop star also drinks a lot of water to keep her skin supple and says she tries to get good sleep, which is not always possible when one has kids. And Victoria has four kids where one is a teenager and the other is 3. The fashion designer hangs out with her teenage son after his school so she cannot sleep early at night and she has to get up early too because her 3-year-old kid gets up early in the morning.

The wife to footballer David Beckham revealed that she works out "every day, six or seven days." Apart from working out regularly, she is also very particular about her diet. "You know, I eat very healthily. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, and a lot of fruit," said Victoria, according to the magazine. Victoria also revealed that she likes her long hair look more than her short hair look back in the Spice Girls days. She feels that it is easier to style longer hair because one can innovate and try so many styles with it but with shorter hair it is always difficult to get the desired look. The former pop diva was also asked why she always has this particular look on her face in the pictures. Does she particularly choses not to smile? Victoria says that it just how she reacts when she is in that situation.