A poster of the film "Venom." Venom/ Facebook

A new trailer of the upcoming film “Venom” has been released online. The video teases the plot of the film. Riz Ahmed (Dr. Carlton Drake) is playing the villain, and is also responsible for the rise of the new anti-hero.

The protagonist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a journalist, looking for a big story. He will find it with Dr. Carlton Drake, a scientist/businessman studying an alien being with the aim of furthering human evolution by combining human DNA with that of the alien symbiote.

The alien symbiote lands on earth with a ship that crash lands. Dr. Carlton takes it to his lab and starts conducting experiments with people. The scientist uses the most vulnerable sections of society for these tests, and most of them appear to lose their minds and their lives.

Eddie becomes involved with Dr. Carlton while following a story about these human subjects. Things get out of control when he breaks into a top secret lab, and there he is infected by the symbiote.

Dr. Carlton’s men come looking for Eddie, but by then the alien has enough control of his body to respond in a way that helps the anti-hero fight off the bad guys, and in the process the symbiote strikes a deal with the journalist, a deal that is for mutual benefit.

The alien infection helps Eddie pull-off some exciting fights, as the trailer [see below] shows. The symbiote reveals its true face towards the end of the trailer. Despite its awesome powers, Dr. Carlton will manage to trap Eddie, and have him constrained in his lab.

“Venom” is set to be released on Oct. 4 in Australia. The film has been directed by Ruben Fleischer, who is known for his work in “Zombieland” and “Gangster Squad.” Some of the other cast members of the film are Woody Harrelson and Michelle Williams (Anne Weying).

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/ YouTube