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In the CW Television Network "The Vampire Diaries" Season 7 finale, it was evident that the audience are being teased to a possible ‘Delena’ comeback. So what are the chances?

It’s no secret that when Nina Dobrev took her leave from the show, the ratings have dwindled down to a point that there were rumors of the show’s cancellation. Fortunately, TVD managed to push through its 7th season regardless of the ratings.

As fans can tell, the following seasons after Nina left introduced different plotlines and romantic pairings which helped the CW series to overlap the loss of its focal point. However the ‘Delena’ pairing still remained to be the key for the hit ratings.

Why did Nina Dobrev leave 'The Vampire Diaries' after Season 6?

Nina Dobrev's Elena Gilbert was last seen in season 6, where her supposed 'final' TVD scene left 'Delena' fans bawling and creating the "We Miss Delena" trend. Reportedly, Dobrev left TVD to pursue other projects and she has also denied rumours that she left the show when co-star and ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder married actress Nikki Reed on April, 2015. Dobrev left fans her sign off message on Instagram as well.

‘Delena’s’ influence on the show

These days, the buzz for TVD has returned with the season 7 finale hinting at Dobrev’s return. While most fans hope for Elena Gilbert to complete the ‘Delena’ package, recent reports point to a new character named Sybil. Reportedly, Sybil is a villainous creature who will enter season 8, and its target is Damon Salvatore. From what everyone saw, or at least heard, Sybil was using Elena’s voice. Some fans have even posted a TVD video clip on YouTube, where Elena's voice was heard again.

According to TVLine, TVD showrunner Julie Plec stated that when Dobrev exited the show, she still had plans in making the 27-year-old actress return toward the end. Plec also supposedly revealed that Dobrev came in person to record Elena’s voice for use in the season finale. To this, speculations heated up on the possibility of the actress coming back this season 8. On whether she will be Elena or as Sybil disguising as Elena, nothing is for sure and the plot is still in the works.

Meanwhile, fans are highly anticipating the upcoming 2016 San Diego Comic Con, coming this July 21-24, to which TVD crew and cast members are expected to attend. Reportedly this is the best chance to get hints and confirm whether Nina is really coming back and if ‘Delena’s’ awaited return is going to happen or not.

"The Vampire Diaries" season 8 and purported final season premieres Friday, Oct. 21 on The CW.

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