Lauren Cohan
Actress Lauren Cohan arrives at the 31st Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California February 27, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Lauren Cohan, who plays the highly-beloved character of Maggie Greene in “The Walking Dead,” has been awfully silent on social media as far as show updates are concerned. [Spoiler Alert] This has led fans to believe something bad has happened to her character Maggie in “the Walking Dead” Season 7.

In the Season 6 finale, villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) introduced himself to TWD fans by killing a major character with his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. However, the character was not shown and the episode ended on a cliff-hanger. Somebody died but fans couldn’t figure out who he/she was.

In fact, there was a lot of criticism on how the season ended. Naturally fans started speculating on the character Negan killed. Eagle-eyed observers have noticed that Lauren has been spotted on TWD set only once so far during Season 7 filming. Moreover, she was present only for the premiere shooting, that will pick up exactly where the Season 6 finale ended.

It has been reported that the showrunners filmed death scenes for everyone just to keep the death top secret. However, Lauren has been absent from all other shoots ever since. Her social media updates on “The Walking Dead” have dwindled and she doesn't seem to be anywhere near the show’s Georgia set.

When cast members of the show were filming non-stop in May, Lauren posted a selfie of her vacationing on a beach. The show was then shooting outside of Atlanta, miles away from the ocean. Even though it is possible that Lauren posted a photo taken earlier to mislead fans into believing she was vacationing while other cast members were shooting, it is also possible that her character has met a tragic death in the hands of Negan.



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Last time fans saw Maggie, she was ill as a result of unexplained pregnancy complications. Even if she’s not killed by Negan, things are looking perilously down for her.

Even in terms of the show and shock value, killing of Maggie would be devastating. Killing off her husband Glenn (Steven Yeun) would be pointless as Glenn received a fake death last season. Now, making Glenn face the axe for real would make the fake death even more pointless and may also anger fans, writes TV Guide.