Singer Adele arrives at the 58th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 15, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Ticketek and Ticketmaster have posted a new update on Twitter on the status of the tickets' availability for Adele's concert in Australia. The ticket agencies have also answered why some customers did not receive confirmation email after their successful purchase. As the agencies have informed the the British singer's fans, tickets are still available but on a limited number.

On Monday, fans were left empty-handed as they tried to secure tickets to Adele's concert. Ticketek's website crashed, prompting fans to take social media to complain. They were also routed to a page with 403 messages, meaning the website's page is forbidden for some reasons.

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A fan who tried to purchase through Ticketmaster said on Facebook that she called the ticket agency more than 50 times but there were no response. There were also some reports saying that people who called the customer service line only received an engaged tone. Some people who finished securing the tickets and entering their credit card information were kicked out and were forced back to the end of the queue.

"I had two tickets in my cart, credit card details were entered but there was no 'process payment' button and therefore no way for me to actually purchase these tickets. After 30 minutes of continually refreshing my browser this is b-------," a Melbourne fan wrote.

Ticketek fans received a server error message 403 until 12:30 p.m. after the Sydney tickets became available midday.

"21 minutes to finally get to the ticket purchase page only to get kicked off!" a Newcastle fan posted on Ticketek's Facebook.

"Ticketek, you are an absolute disgrace. System crashes for those of us who genuinely want tickets but the scalpers are able to get tickets and are now selling them on ebay for exorbitant prices," another fan posted on Facebook.

Scalped tickets were available on eBay less than an hour after the tickets went on sale. Sydney A Reserve tickets were sold for $1079. In Melbourne, the same section was sold for $999. In Perth, it cost $749 and in Brisbane $649.

The ticket agencies apologised on their Twitter account and told that the high time wait was due to the high demand in tickets.

Update Nov. 23:
The previous version of this article claimed Ticketmaster's website crashed on Monday. This has been modified to clarify that its website remained working.

A Ticketmaster spokesperson also adds the following statement:

“Ticketmaster is proud to be one of the ticketing partners for Adele’s Australian tour. Over the course of the morning on-sales, Ticketmaster saw an all-time high number of fans in queue for Adele tickets. At our busiest periods, we had over 90,000 fans searching for Melbourne, Etihad Stadium tickets and over 105,000 fans looking for Brisbane, The Gabba tickets. In spite of the unprecedented demand for this amazing artist, Ticketmaster successfully announced two extra Adele shows in Melbourne and Brisbane during the morning. Our sophisticated technology helped to ensure that the tickets we sold ended up in the hands of fans.”