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"Undercover Boss" aired "Phenix Salon Inc." (Season 6, episode 5) on Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 on CBS. This episode was about Phenix Salons Inc. founder Gina Rivera going undercover to learn more about her business, particularly its franchises. Read on for the "Undercover Boss" Season 6 recap of episode 5 "Phenix Salon Inc." to find out what happened to Gina and her employees.

In "Undercover Boss" Season 6, episode 5 "Phenix Salon Inc.," Gina Rivera who is naturally stylish, had to assume a frumpy look as a disguise when she pretends to be someone else to hide her true identity from her employees. She uses the name Ashley and she says that she will participate in a competition to become an apprentice for a celebrity stylist.

Gina had to go to Boca Raton, Florida to learn how to shave and she was guided by Michelle. Gina had a difficult time with it, but she was able to successfully shave a customer, without hurting him, so that was a good sign. Next up, she went to Las Vegas, Nevada to train under G. She was taught how to do a proper pedicure.

Then, Gina visited the Baltimore, Maryland branch where she was taught by Felicia about weaves. Gina found weaving hair particularly difficult and she also noticed that the area was quite noisy, so she took note of it. After Baltimore, she went to Long Beach, California to work with Richie.

When Ashley/Gina's training in the different Phenix Salons Inc. branches in the U.S. was over, the stylists who guided her were asked to go to Los Angeles. Then, it was revealed to them that Ashley and Gina are one and the same. The Phenix Salons Inc. stylists were naturally shocked and got even more surprised when Gina rewarded them for all their hard work.

Michelle received a Maui vacation and cash that covered over a year of rent as well as the construction of wheelchair ramps for her son. As for G, she got some money for her daughter's law school education and a family cruise. Meanwhile, Felicia will be part of the new Phenix Salon Inc. African American hair line wherein she will earn a percentage from its sales. Also, it will be named after her. Gina also promised to pay for the two full years of private school tuition of Felicia's kid. Finally, Gina told Richie that she wanted to throw a fundraiser to pay for his baby's expensive medical bills. Aside from that, she will also buy him a house and a car.

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