UFO Sightings Explained: Location 'Mother ship' of Strange Flying Objects Identified

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UFO sightings particularly in Cotulla prompted Texas-based KENS5 news channel to delve a bit deeper into witness reports, particularly the strange report from Eagle Ford oil hot spot. The site has been labeled the "mother ship of UFO sightings."

Reported UFO Sighting in Cotulla, Texas (Photo: MUFON)

Speaking to a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) spokesperson, the news broadcast hinted only a small percentage of UFO sightings are deemed relevant. MUFON has observed there have been "an awful lot of triangle sightings" recently. But the organization downplays most of the sightings being reported.

"Probably they're fire balls. We're not really sure what those are. We think they've switched over to jet-powered drones," explains John Cross, MUFON Field Investigator.

Cross discussed a particular UFO sighting report from Cotulla, which was reported by International Business Times Australia. Apparently, several witnesses from the area also uploaded video clips to YouTube at around the same time.

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"There's a lot being made of that photo. Honestly, to us, it looks like a time lapse of possibly a vehicle going by, with the blinker on," says Cross.

The report noted MUFON claimed they can solve 80% to 90% of the cases they follow. What excites them is the remaining 10% to 20% of inexplicable UFO sightings.

The top commenter in the KENS5 news video posted to YouTube was from a user who is not buying MUFON's side of the story:

"MUFON has become totally worthless because they have become infiltrated by disinformation government shills. This has become a standard government practice over the years for many UFO and UFO related organizations, website and forums. Only idiots would believe MUFON's analysis," user DArtagnan2013 wrote.

VIDEO: UFO Sighting Australia, Comments

YouTube comments on the video clip above suggest the strange flying object could have been the ISS (International Space Station) flying over Australia on the night of the filming.

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