UFO Sightings: 3 Strange Lights in Triangle Formation [VIDEO], Hovering Orbs Magnified [PHOTO]

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A UFO sighting of three strange lights forming a triangle in the night sky was reported in video format to MUFON from Plano City in Texas. The footage was received a day after an old photo of the sky outside a Wisconsin house was submitted for scrutiny. Take a look at the photos and video to check out what the uploaders may or may have not missed.

UFO Report: 3 Strange Lights in Triangle Formation [VIDEO]

“Found this in my digital photograph. First pix is an analysis, second one is the original,” reports a UFO witness from Wisconsin.

The first UFO sighting was spotted on Saturday (Feb. 16) night. Follow this link for the video in mp4 format.

"I was outside on the patio with friends just enjoying the evening, when I saw 3 yellow lights in a perfect triangle shape emerging in the distance from behind the silhouette of [a] roof," reads the MUFON report submitted Tuesday.

"Lights were not blinking, and no sound was heard," the report continues. The witness said the motion of the strange lights seemed "fairly slow." The report adds, "The triangle shape [remained] steady throughout the observation until I lost visibility behind a tree and house. First thing that came to mind was [the lights were from] 3 planes in formation, but the color of the light and the fact that no sound could be heard [were] rather strange."

The reporter concluded the report by saying the UFO sighting was "striking weird to all [six] people around me."

UFO Report: Magnified Strange Hovering Objects in Daytime Sky [PHOTOS]

The next UFO sighting was reported Monday (Feb. 18). The report came with some striking photos (start the slideshow), but the witness did not give much information about the sighting.

"Found this in my digital photograph. First pix is an analysis, second one is the original." (See the photos in the slideshow.) Follow this link for the original photo.

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