UFO Sighting: Giant 5 Mile Wide UFO Spotted Over the Ocean in NASA Photograph [Watch Video]

The Object Was Reported to be Five to Seven Miles Large
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NASA picture taken by German astronaut Alexander Gerst
NASA picture taken by German astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station and sent on his Twitter feed shows the sun reflecting off the water. The Twitter feed is dated July 17, 2014. Reuters

In a picture taken in November 2013 by NASA, a large dark disc was spotted hovering over the ocean. The circular object was discovered by YouTube user, Streetcap1.

The Huffington Post reported that the spotted disc was about five to seven miles wide and black in colour. It stated that the dimensions of the disc were perfect in symmetry.

The news about the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was first reported by the UFO Sightings Daily, on Thursday. The Huffington Post describes the UFO Sightings Daily as a blog that publishes, "content on the greatest conspiracies in human history once every 24 hours."

The website states that though the image of the UFO is not very clear and it appears as though it is above the ocean, it actually is below it. It states that the object is hiding underneath. The reason could be to stay away from public eye. "Since it is over the ocean area, the only place that it could hide without being noticed is below the ocean," it reported.

The YouTube video posted by Streetcap1 has received several views. The video gained further popularity when Cosmos News posted the video of the 5 mile wide UFO. Several people were taken aback by the sight of the object. While some believed it to be true, some were skeptical about it. Horatio Hernandez, a YouTube user who commented on the video, believes it is a camera glitch. While a few others have thanked the user for spotting it and bringing it to the limelight.

Pointing towards the statement that the object is hiding below the ocean, "s. smith," a YouTube user, questioned as to how the object is clearly seen if it is below the ocean. He further asks as to why there are no clouds visible over it.

The Huffing Post on the other hand said that there is a probability that the image could be formed due to camera glitches. It could have also been caused due to missing gaps that are formed in the course of combining smaller images together to create a larger one for publication.

While people know of UFO's, there are also USO's that is an Unidentified Submerged Object. Experts believe that USO's are advanced UFO's that can operate well beneath the water and above as well. There have been reports of USO's since long and this phenomenon has been studied by experts as well. There is a documentary, "Deep Sea UFO's" that has examined this phenomenon. However, this video by Streetcap1 does not prove that this is a USO. Though the video shows a large disc, there is no evidence of any object hiding inside the ocean.

The picture of the dark coloured UFO is available on NASA's website. You can watch the video below.

Source: YouTube/The Cosmos News 

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