President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White And Electronic Arts' Executive Vice President And Head Of EA Sports Andrew Wilson (L)
President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Dana White and Electronic Arts' Executive Vice President and head of EA Sports Andrew Wilson (L) unveil EA Sports UFC during the Electronic Arts news conference as part of E3 in Los Angeles, California June 4, 2012. Reuters/Gus Ruelas

Among the rumours spreading like wildfire these days is that Brock Lesnar is heading to the world of UFC. Lesnar's WWE contract is about to expire next year and speculations suggest that the professional wrestler will have a done deal and he'll be off to UFC to reunite with Dana White in 2015.

What Lesnar told everyone about his comeback to reunite with Dana White and company came as a surprise to White. According to the UFC president, he hasn't had the chance of even talking to the former World Heavyweight Champion about the latter's comeback to the company.

The no-talk-to Lesnar has been confirmed by John Morgan who happened to have a talk with Dana himself during an interview on Saturday from MMA Junkie. According to John Morgan, there has been no word spoken regarding Lesnar's fate at the UFC, more so, his return.

It's a little shocking to know that Dana White denied talking to Lesnar, but then again, there is also a probability that it is a lie. If you think about all the rumours, and the talks concerning Lesnar's return to UFC, it's quite impossible to think about Lesnar and White not talking. Lesnar's attempts to try claim his MMA crown would only make anyone deduce that the two have been talking since then, in some way or another.

If it could be true that both are talking about Lesnar's comeback to UFC, nobody knew why the same should be concealed from the people. It could also be that White doesn't want any further buzz about it. Thus far, both sides of the rumours must be taken with a grain of salt.

Amid these talks regarding Lesnar's return to UFC, the fighter is scheduled to walk into WrestleMania as WWE Champion. This walk of Lesnar will be his last appearance in WWE. Will the UFC President Dana White eventually confirm Lesnar's return to UFC and to his company? Or, will Lesnar be forever denied validation about this account? We will all find out all about it after Lesnar's last walk at WrestleMania.