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A screenshot of the next chapter in the "Dark Souls" series Official Dark Souls Twitter Account

The upcoming action adventure game by From Software, “Dark Souls 3” is expected to be another hard-hitting game for fans. As usual, the fans will be treated to some of the hardest bosses in video gaming as well as a dark and compelling storyline. New reports now show two special editions for the upcoming game that is sure to be a must-have for fans.

Two special editions of the upcoming “Dark Souls 3” have been spotted at a listing from United Arab Emirates based retailer called Geekay Games. The copies of “Dark Souls 3,” which include collector’s edition items were first spotted by NeoGAF, Eurogamer reports.

The first spotted collector’s edition of “Dark Souls 3” sells for 499 UAE Dirham (AU$192.43). It comes with several items including a metal case, three iron-on patches, a 25 cm Red Knight figurine, a cloth map of the game’s world, a hardcover artbook and a CD soundtrack. These items will all be placed in a special collector’s box as well.

The other special edition is called as the Prestige edition and will be sold for a whopping 1,799 UAE Dirham (AU$693.74). It contains all of the items found in the collector’s edition but it will not have the 25 cm Red Knight figurine. In replacement of the Red Knight figurine is a giant 40 cm Lord of Cinder figurine. Since the included figurine is almost double the size of the Red Knight figurine, the box will be different as well.

The listing reveals that the items will be available on April 16, 2016. Publisher Bandai Namco announced earlier that “Dark Souls 3” will launch sometime in April for North America and Europe, but it will launch a month earlier in Japan.

Both the publisher and developer are yet to release a statement on the leaked listings. One of the two companies behind the game should speak up and confirm the listing soon.

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