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A screenshot of the next chapter in the "Dark Souls" series Official Dark Souls Twitter Account

“Dark Souls” is known for the dark setting and world of Lordran but its sheer difficulty and epic battles are worth noting as well. The game’s difficulty varies from player to player and the character class they choose. New screens for “Dark Souls 3” reveal the different classes players can take up in the upcoming title by From Software.

“Dark Souls 3” will feature a total of four characters which the players can use according to their likings or comfortability during their journey in the upcoming title. The game will feature classes that range from a magician which uses different skills to damage enemies to support type characters that rely on the buffs and support spells to strengthen their defenses and attacks.

The short gameplay video seen here at Gamespot shows off how the characters are played. First to be showcased is the Northern Warrior. This class plays similarly to any swordsman or barbarian characters seen in other titles. This class will rely on close ranged attacks but they are significantly slower and sturdier than the other classes.

The Wandering Knight on the other hand is an all-around fighter. Like the Northern Warrior, he relies on close ranged attacks, however he isn’t sturdy. His swiftness and mobility make up for his weak defenses.

The last two characters unlike the Wandering Knight and Northern Warrior rely on magic and mana. The Herald of White is essentially like a Paladin class from other games. Aside from healing and support magic called Miracles, the Herald of White can also dish out decent damage up close.

Last to be showcased is the Academy Assassin. Aside from being the fastest of all the classes, the Academy Assassin is also adept at using magic that can damage enemies. However, this class is one of the weakest in terms of durability.

This is only a tip of the iceberg as there are supposedly 10 classes slated for the title, IGN reports. With the game reportedly releasing next year, the other classes could be revealed soon enough.

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