In the latest development in the Su-24 incident, Turkish military said it was not aware it was a Russian jet, apparently dismissing Moscow’s claim that it was a “planned provocation” on Ankara’s part.

The military said in a statement it was ready to provide “all kinds of cooperation” with Russia. It added it had made substantial efforts to locate and rescue the two pilots who were on the fighter jet when it was shot by Turkish authorities.

While Turkey insisted it had warned multiple times before shooting the warplane down, the surviving pilot said there was no warning, according to AFP. He said there was no radio exchange nor was there any visual warning.

Turkey released an audio piece to back its claim.

"This is Turkish Air Force speaking on guard. You are approaching Turkish airspace. Change your heading south immediately," a voice in the audio is heard giving the warning message.

Both Russia and Turkey are fighting Islamic State militants in the region. However, the primary point of discord between the two countries is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s future.

While Moscow stands by the Assad regime and wants the Syrian people to decide his future, Turkey, as well as its Western allies, wants to dethrone Assad, claiming he has no role to play in Syria’s future.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov earlier said his country was not planning to go to war against Turkey over the incident. He, however, said the incident looked to be a “planned provocation.”

"Our attitude to the Turkish people has not changed,” Al Jazeera quoted Lavrov as saying. “We have questions over the action of Turkey's current leadership.”

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