Call of the Beastmen
"Total War: Warhammer" is getting its first expansion, called "Call of the Beastmen." Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly broadening the world and the locale in “Total War: Warhammer,” thanks to its first new campaign update.

Dubbed “Call of the Beastmen,” the first campaign pack will bring playable Beastmen to the game. Announced via press release, the Beastmen are feral Chaos-ridden horde race that can move across The Old World and level it down. They have the deadly Lore of the Wild, half-human aberrations and colossal beasts in battle.

Beastmen can be used in the Grand Campaign, as well as custom and multiplayer battles. The expansion will also bring their own custom Story Campaign, An Eye for an Eye.

“As relentless as they are brutal, they will not rest until the realms of men are destroyed and the Call of the Beastmen is heard across all of The Old World,” the developer announced as a teaser to what the new playable race will bring.

“Total War: Warhammer” players will love the Beastmen if only for the new styles and gameplay mechanics that they will deliver. Among these new abilities is traveling through overgrown Beastpaths, which is a useful technique for those who want to attack unsuspecting enemies. They are also capable of performing twisted acts of faith to gain the favour of the Chaos Moon, due to the dark bond with Morrslieb.

More than this, the Call of the Beastmen expansion will also come with a free content update. This will bring in a new Lore of Magic and another Hero unit for The Empire. The Amber Wizards, among the rarely seen of its kind, will be able to perform unique feats thanks to their power. They can enchant allies and summon a manticore from deep beneath the earth.

All of these and more will heighten the action in “Total War: Warhammer” come July 28. The expansion will be available across all platforms. Players who will preorder now can get a 10 percent discount, as seen over at its Steam page.

Call of the Beastmen trailer (Credit: YouTube/Total War)