Jack Ryan
A poster of Amazon TV series Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan." Jack Ryan/ Facebook

Close to the premiere of Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” TV series, a new behind-the-scenes video has been released online. The video focuses on the character James Greer (Wendell Pierce), and includes interviews with the producers and cast members of the show.

James Greer is Jack’s (John Krasinski) boss, and a veteran spy who has been on the field for a long time. In the new behind-the-scenes video that has been released online [see below], show creator and Executive Producer Graham Roland said that everyone felt confident that Pierce will be a “fantastic” James Greer and someone who can “carry on the legacy that James Earl Jones started.”

Jones played the role of Admiral Greer in the 1990 film “The Hunt for Red October,” and again in the 1992 film “Patriot Games.” It remains to be seen how well Pierce will step into this role.

James Greer is also Krasinski’s favourite character on the show. The actor described the character as being a “hardened veteran of the world of spy work and tradecraft.” Executive Producer Carlton Cuse explained the contrast between Jack and his boss. While Jack relies more on his brains, Greer is someone who can handle himself in the field.

Pierce gave some background to his character in the video. The actor revealed that James Greer has stepped over the line, and gets punished by being given a static position in the CIA, which a scene from the show described as a second chance.

The position will not hold Greer back. He sees an opportunity in Jack Ryan to get back into the field. Pierce teased that his character and the protagonist do clash and conflict a lot on the show.

Over the course of the TV series there’s a budding friendship and mutual respect that develops between Jack and his boss. Roland pointed out that the two characters are opposites, but they have the same goal.

Credit: Prime Video/ YouTube