Titanfall 2
"Titanfall 2" is getting two technical tests. Respawn

Respawn Entertainment has officially rolled out the "Titanfall 2" War Games patch, bringing in remastered maps, the Titan Brawl permanent game mode and a third weapon slot for all players. Bug fixes are included. There is even a new unlockable Pilot Execution called "Shadow Boxing."

The "Titanfall 2" War Games update should keep players busy, though there were unintentional changes that came with it. Apparently, there will still be updates as discussed on Reddit, much of which are likely to come out in the next DLC. There may be features turned off to re-establish game balance.

While Respawn developers work on changes, there are plenty of things to digest with the latest update for "Titanfall 2." That includes the Amped weapons, which will now be under a 30-second timer, a measure to make sure the feature will not be abused. Stalkers will now render damage when dashing through as a Titan, a move originally pegged to employ balance.

The War Games update for "Titanfall 2" may not be perfect, particularly for eagle-eyed gamers. However, players can look forward to new skirmishes and adventures, even if the maps are easily associated with "Titanfall 1."

There is also a Live Fire map called "Traffic." As the name of the map connotes, players will have to use their wits in an effort to maneuver through the busy thoroughfares where dense covers account for potential threats. Posing a challenge as well would be the presence of snipers, meaning "Titanfall 2" players need to be on their feet to avoid getting hit. Much of this was covered in a previous post.

Aside from the maps and the balance issues, the game modes should be pretty interesting. The Pilot Execution calls for players to kill 20 pilots for it to be unlocked, while the Titan Brawl has been reclassified into a permanent mode. Free Agents will now be the featured mode, providing players with plenty of things to try out.

"Titanfall 2" is currently available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The War Games DLC for the game is one of many patches over the horizon, most of which are expected to address issues such as the dreaded game balance players have been raving about.