Titanfall 2
"Titanfall 2" is getting two technical tests. Respawn

"Titanfall 2" will be getting a new update next week called "The War Games" patch, the details of which were revealed by developer Respawn Entertainment. Like most updates, gamers can expect a lot of bug fixes to address glitches. However, there are more to expect, and this will include maps and a provision that would allow players to carry three weapons as a pilot.

The additional map for "Titanfall 2" is what should spur interest among first-person gamers. The map is named similar to the patch update (The War Games), seen as a revival of the DLC location of the original game, according to EA. The map carried a futuristic flavor meant to simulate a city composed of brightly coloured walls and barriers.

The other map is "Traffic." It will be available after the initial June 27 release of "The War Games" update for "Live Fire mode." Compared to the futuristic setting, "Traffic" will see pilots try to maneuver themselves across busy thoroughfares where every dense cover accounts for a potential threat. Aside from that, a player will have to be alert since there will be snipers hiding in the backfield.

With the maps offering new challenges for "Titanfall 2," players will need all the help they can get. Included in "The War Games" patch is a third weapon for pilots. Hence, "Titanfall 2" will now have a primary, secondary and an anti-Titan weapon while traveling on foot. Based on the descriptions of the new maps, traveling around "Traffic" could put this revision to good use, though players need to still be on their toes.

Aside from these two maps, there are plenty of other things to look forward to for "Titanfall 2." Also coming is the new Pilot Execution called Shadow Boxing and Titan Brawl. The first one will require players to kill 20 pilots to have it unlocked, while the latter will be added as a permanent mode. With Titan Brawl moving up to permanent mode, Free Agents will now be the new featured mode for "Titanfall 2." There will be some tweaks for the game, with the Titan damage now displayed instead of assists.

"The War Games" update is due on June 27, a patch that should bring in big improvements. "Titanfall 2" is currently available on platforms such as PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.