Thunder Energies Corporation on what’s next following Santilli Telescope launch

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A man looks through a telescope opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in central London April 2, 2015. Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

Tech innovator firm Thunder Energies Corporation CEO and chief scientist Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli said that there will be a lot in store for the company several months after revolutionary product Santilli Telescope’s launch. 

In a recent press statement released by Thunder Energies Corporation (OTCQB: TNRG), it said that the Santilli Telescope is now enjoying sizeable attention from various tech and science-focused companies around the world. The commercialisation of the only telescope on the market that could detect antimatter particles and galaxies is done through a distribution model that aims to introduce the product to a larger audience, which means to professional and amateur space explorers alike.

"We are extremely excited about making the telescope widely available for purchase to astronomers all over the world. And when we say ‘all astronomers’ we mean everyone who is interested in the wonders of the universe — people from the academe, those who are working in science bureaus and space departments, as well as those who are regular, backyard astronomers who have unparalleled love for space discovery,” Santilli explained.

Santilli is among those who believe that there should be no “outsiders” in the space exploration program as everyone has the obligation to fulfil to speed up the long-overdue advancements in the segment.

The company’s goal, according to COO and President Dr. William Gaines, is to up and enhance the company’s distribution enterprise to reach more markets and individuals in the last quarter of the year and by 2016. “A wider market for Santilli telescope could mean faster developments and more progress in the antimatter search segment, as well as in the entire astrophysics industry,” Gained added.

Beyond the revolutionary telescope

Dr. Santilli, on behalf of the company, has resumed his work in educating the world about the many undiscovered entities in science. Just recently, he delivered an outstanding plenary presentation at Sips 2015, a four-day summit of Sustainable Industrial Processing in Antalya, Turkey, which was attended by various revered scientists and innovators across the globe. Among whom were Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Ei-ichi Negishi and Dan Shechtman.

Santilli’s presentation focused on the outlining of the new mathematics known as IsoMathematics and the many scientific advances in physics and chemistry, with particular reference to the achievement of much needed, environmentally acceptable and sustainable, new clean energies.

Thunder Energies is a firm advocate of earth-friendly technology, as it has always believed that real progress is synonymous to the preservation of the earth’s natural resources and protection of its inherent features.

It has also developed a nuclear technology and a fossil fuels combustion technology, making the company among the most important tech innovators in the industry today.

                          "Our goal is to introduce a groundbreaking, ultra-efficient combustion technology that is capable of removing greenhouse gas off the face of the Earth. Our Santilli combustion technology is based on ignition via a patented special form of high voltage discharge, use of additives with high combustion temperature, such as Magnegas and New chemical reactions known as 'magnecular combustion," said Santilli,

“For our nuclear product however, this is first time in history that we could now produce the desired flux of neutrons with the desired energy anywhere and anytime desired via a remotely operated touch screen control. So this alone makes it groundbreaking.”

Santilli said that the company is expected to be more enthusiastic in the months to come in terms of promoting its products and recent discoveries. He added that it be carried out through unique marketing methods and by gracing industry-focused events from various revered institutions and organisations in the field.

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