‘Thor: Ragnarok’ spoilers: Thor and Loki partner to find Odin, Doctor Strange in a cameo, Hela’s father to be revealed

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Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, Kiwi director Taika Waititi and American actress Tessa Thompson bid farewell to Gold Coast as they wrap up filming of "Thor: Ragnarok." Facebook/Marvel Studios

"Thor: Ragnarok" is slated to hit the big screens this year and talk is rampant about its possible plot. In the end credits scene of “Doctor Strange,” fans were teased about the storyline of the upcoming film. It was revealed that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will look for his father in New York.

His adoptive brother, Loki, (Tom Hiddleston) is going to help him in his search.  The siblings need to find their father before Hela (Cate Blanchett) takes full control of Asgard. And it seems Thor and Loki will team up to save their father and their land.

Those who have seen the first Thor and Avengers' movie know that Loki used to be an enemy. But he and Thor have become allies in the second Thor film, “Thor: The Dark World.”

Aside from the brothers’ team up, another interesting to see is the cameo of Doctor Strange. There are reports that he will help Thor and Loki find Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Doctor Strange’s cameo role in "Thor: Ragnarok" has been confirmed by Hiddleston himself in an interview with IGN.

When Hiddleston was asked about what Loki thinks about Doctor Strange and Hela in the upcoming film, he teased that his character dismisses the guest role. He said Loki knows that his sorcery is impressive, but it is something that Loki has been doing his entire life.

While the actor thinks his character in the upcoming film is dismissive of Doctor Strange, it sounds like he has a different dynamics with Hela. "Hela is a different beast and full of surprises and actually might have been someone with whom at one time he could’ve gotten along, but the circumstances have changed,” he explained. There are theories that Loki might be the father of Hela. Hiddleston’s statement might be a hint that the two characters are actually related.

In the comics, Hela is the daughter of a past incarnation of Loki. If "Thor: Ragnarok" follows this plot, it is most likely that the film will reveal Loki and Hela as a father and daughter tandem. Hiddleston or anyone behind the film, however, has not confirmed this speculation to be true.

Furthermore, the movie is expected to see Thor in the other side of the universe without his hammer. He will race against time to go back to his land and save it from the evil plans of Hela, who wants to destroy Asgard. In the DC comics, Hela wants to get more Asgardian souls under her control for power. She specifically wants to take control of the souls of Odin and Thor.  The film is slated to hit Australian theatres on Oct. 26.