A Tesla Model S vehicle is displayed at the Tesla store in Sydney, Australia, March 13, 2017. Picture taken March 13, 2017. Reuters/Jason Reed

While Elon Musk revealed plans of streamlining Tesla Model 3 deliveries, an interesting render of the much-awaited Model Y has surfaced online, making fans excited. Even though Tesla is currently focusing only on its upcoming electric vehicle (EV) sedan, it has not stopped fans from speculating about the Model 3 crossover.

Tesla has no plans to allow its employees any break as the EV sedan deliveries are slated to begin this year. Now, reports, renders and rumours surrounding the crossover are already making rounds. Musk had, in fact, tweeted in October 2015 about the crossover vehicle based on the Model 3 platform, and that it will be called Model Y. Currently, the “Y” may not even be in the company’s radar. However, Autocar has recently released a Tesla Model Y render that looks interesting but not captivating.

It is too early to even discuss about this future electric vehicle as Musk has recently tweeted that the biggest priority for the company is Model 3. The reason behind the company opting for names such as S, X and Y is to complete the word “SEXY.” The “E” has been made “3” due to certain copyright issues with Ford. Thus, once the Model Y is released, the line-up would look something like “S3XY.” After the release of the highly-anticipated US$35,000 (AU$46,000 approx), Tesla may also choose to work on a pickup truck first.

Meanwhile, Electrek has published a report on Musk’s conference call with investors, where he discussed how to streamline the delivery process of the EV. He revealed plans of investing in deliveries and not in stores.

“How do we make that delivery process more streamlined, less paperwork, less bureaucracy and get people really ahead of time with really well-produced instruction videos for how to use their car. And well, of course, the best instruction is like not having instructions. And you will actually be able to play all of the instructions needed for your car on your car,” Musk said.

Musk further revealed that the company is trying to bring down the Tesla Model 3 process time from one hour to about five minutes. New customers could be in and out in minutes with their beloved car. However, the automaker may still have to open more delivery centres in metros due to high demand for the EV sedan. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on Tesla’s electric vehicles.