Tesla Model 3
Tesla vehicle bodies are being welded at Tesla Motors Inc factory in Fremont, California, US on July 25, 2016. Reuters/Joseph White

It was known that Tesla was building Model 3 prototypes, made clear by a shareholder’s letter in February. Now, a brand new video showcasing a Tesla Model 3 prototype has surfaced. The footage was reportedly taken at the SpaceX office in Hawthorne, California.

According to Electrek, the minute-long video is a new and better footage of the prototype. The original images were released by Unplugged Performance’s Instagram account. The video is in high resolution and shows the same pre-alpha prototype revealed in March 2016. Unfortunately, the video does not showcase any visual changes in both the exterior and interior. The Tesla Model 3 in the video seems to be having the same centre screen and steering wheel.

There is information that the electric vehicle maker is already building another Model 3 prototype in its Fremont factory. However, nothing much is known about this prototype. It has not even been spotted on public roads. Time is ticking for Tesla with only four months left before planned production begins. The EV has already received 400,000 pre-orders and everyone has their eyes on Tesla for production updates. The company hasn’t had a boastful track record with respect to Tesla Model S and X deliveries.

Reservation-holders are eagerly waiting for the new Tesla Model 3 prototype being manufactured in the Fremont factory. Since the unveiling in 2016, fans have been treated to only two working prototypes and one plastic model. It seems CEO Elon Musk has gone into hibernation, possibly running an intensely busy schedule. In the shareholder letter, Musk had promised that the Model 3 production is very much on track and that the company is steadily ramping up production to exceed 5,000 vehicles per week at some point in the fourth quarter.

Musk also stated that by the year 2018, the company would be producing 10,000 vehicles per week, Forbes states. All Model 3-related sourcing is on track to start the production in July. The electric vehicle has a 215-mile range and a US$35,000 (AU$46,000) price tag. Tesla will soon open more superchargers for Model 3. The EV can go from 0-60mph in just under three seconds. The car is not expected until 2018. About two years back, Mush had announced an 8-year infinite mile guarantee for the EV.

Auto Pilot will become a standard feature in the Tesla Model 3. It will also come with key built-in safety features. It will also come with a glass roof and windshield, explains iMotor Times. Stay tuned on IBT AU for the latest updates on Tesla’s electric vehicles.

Source: YouTube/Unplugged Performance