police line crime scene
Police line at a crime scene. ValynPi14/ Pixabay

A teen couple from Pennsylvania were arrested for plotting to kill the girl’s stepdad by hiring a hitman after he caught them in bed.

Dillian Weaver, 19, and Angelina Peluso, 16, have been charged in Lycoming County for what police described as a murder-for-hire scheme, PennLive reported. The teens allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill Peluso’s stepdad, Howard Blackburn. Police documents say the two planned to have Blackburn murdered because he got angry after finding them sleeping together.

The murder did not happen as the hired individual went to the police.

According to the arrest affidavits obtained by PennLive, Peluso claimed Blackburn slapped and punched her after catching them in bed. Upset over her stepdad’s reaction, she allegedly lied to Weaver saying her stepdad sexually assaulted her.

Weaver, angered by Peluso’s made-up story, reached out to a friend about his desire to have Blackburn killed. The woman suggested a contact who can do the job. Weaver reached out to the would-be hitman who then went to the police.

“He gets off work at 5:30 so we’d have to be there before him and get him as soon as he gets out of his truck before he goes inside. We need to cover our faces … they have cameras there,” reads a part of the text message between Weaver and the woman friend.

“Just gotta take his body and dispose of him somewhere. So he’s never heard from..or found.”

Weaver also asked Peluso if she agreed to the plan to have her stepdad killed, to which she replied, “Yes baby. I have zero affection for him. We’ve talked about it. I just don’t want to lose you is my concern that’s all.”

Both have since confessed to the crime and have been charged with criminal solicitation to commit first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and criminal use of a communication device.

They’re being held on a $1 million bail each.