Jail Prison
A photo representation of prison. jraffin/ Pixabay

Australia has jailed its first coronavirus outlaw. A man from Perth has become the first person to be jailed for breaking quarantine restrictions in the country. His great reason for sneaking out — his girlfriend.

Jonathan David was arrested more than one week ago after breaching quarantine laws requiring him to stay in isolation for 14 days. The 35-year-old man flew to Perth from Victoria on March 28. He was required to be in quarantine at his hotel, Travelodge, in Perth.

Emergency restrictions require travelers to self-isolate for two weeks, the incubation period of COVID-19, to make sure they are free of the virus. This aims to stop the transmission of the novel coronavirus in the country.

David, however, has ignored these directives and has repeatedly snuck out of his hotel to visit his girlfriend. According to ABC, David even wedged open a fire exit door so he can leave and re-enter his hotel without being seen by staff. He has also used public transportation.

David pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to comply with directions. He was refused bail on grounds that he may repeat his offense and put other lives in danger.

On Wednesday (April 15), the Perth Magistrates Court sentenced him to six months and two weeks in jail. He will serve one month behind bars, with the rest of the term being suspended. He was also required to pay a fine of $2,000.

Should he commit the same offense, he will be ordered to serve the rest of his sentence in jail.

A police prosecutor has described David’s actions as “gross stupidity.” Magistrate Elaine Campione also said David was “selfish in the extreme.”

As of April 15, 6:01 GMT, Australia has 6,440 confirmed COVID-19 casea and 63 deaths, according to Worldmeter data.