'Taboo' season 2 news
A promo picture for FX's TV drama 'Taboo.' Facebook/Taboo FX

The first instalment of “Taboo” ended on Feb. 25, and needless to say, it left fans with so many questions. Will James return to England after he was branded an outlaw? Will he learn the truth about his birth mother? Who is the Colonnade? Will James be romantically involved with his stepmother Lorna?

New life awaits for Delaney and his men in “Taboo” season 2, as was apparent in season 1. However, the chances that fans get to see that new life still hang in the balance. BBC reportedly has yet to make a decision regarding whether or not it will recommission the drama. That being said, there is still hope that “Taboo” season 2 will not be ruled out yet.

However, the show’s disappointing ratings towards the season finale may also lead FX to rethink the renewal of the show. Despite “Taboo” receiving critical acclaims, a considerable portion of its audience left by the series’ penultimate episode. The numbers dropped to 3.29 million viewers during episode 8 from the 4.8 million viewers it gained during the Jan. 7 pilot episode.

Another reason that could be holding back the production is the lead actors' schedules, as hinted by the Radio Times. A second season of “Taboo” can happen only if actors Tom Hardy (James Delaney), Tom Hollander (Cholmondeley) and Stephen Graham (Atticus) will commit their time to a second instalment of the show.

“Taboo” was originally conceived as a three-season run by writer Stephen Knight, and it seems he’s keen to make more. “We think it has got a two and a three certainly, that’s the plan, after that who knows?” Knight said before the show aired. “This series is eight parts – it’s a lot of time,” he said.

The BBC show follows the story of a James Keziah Delaney, who returns to London in 1814 after 10 long years in Africa. He soon discovers the mysterious legacy left by his father and wages a war on those who tried to kill him. Eventually, the protagonist finds himself standing face-to-face with the East India Company. Will he be able to end the game between warring nations Britain and America?

“Taboo” season 1 just finished airing on FX. For those who missed all eight episodes, the show will soon be available for online streaming. A premiere date for Australia is yet to be announced. The first season previously aired on Foxtel.