Police officers position themselves at a corner near Lindt cafe in Martin Place, where hostages are being held, in central Sydney
Police officers position themselves at a corner near Lindt cafe in Martin Place, where hostages are being held, in central Sydney December 15, 2014. Hostages were being held inside the central Sydney cafe where a black flag with white Arabic writing could be seen in the window, local television showed on Monday, raising fears of an attack linked to Islamic militants. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Sydney Siege victim Tori Johnson was reportedly executed at close range by hostage-taker Man Haron Monis. Reports revealed the events leading to the death of the Lindt Café manager and the gunman during the fateful hostage drama early Tuesday morning.

Before Monis’ ultimate clash with the police around 2 am on Tuesday, a group of hostages was able to escape from him after he threatened them he would kill them in the morning. This further incited Monis, firing off a shot from his sawn-off shotgun. Unfortunately, someone fatally suffered from that one shot.

According to 9News sources, the gunman executed Johnson with a shot in the head. “Look what you made me do,” Monis reportedly screamed at the police when they came barging in. The hostage-taker was then killed during the standoff.

Another hostage, barrister Katrina Dawson, also died in the scene, although police are still trying to determine how she died. They are currently awaiting ballistic tests.

A separate report from one of the hostages further detailed the events leading to the conclusion of the hostage drama. Joe Herat, 21, told his family that Monis separated the hostages by group, frightening them into thinking that they would be killed by morning if they didn’t do something immediately.

Herat’s group found a way out by kicking down an internal door of the café to escape. Although they were able to run away from the premises and into safety, Herat feared that their action triggered Monis to unleash gunfire moments later.

Contrary to reports in the media, Monis was not falling asleep around 2 am. He was actually becoming increasingly agitated at that time. Herat’s father, Bruce Herat, revealed to Fairfax Media how his son and four others ran for their lives just before Monis fired off his gun and the police stormed the premises.

Thousands of mourners have paid tribute to Johnson at the makeshift memorial at Martin Place, calling the manager a national hero for his bravery during the siege. His father, Ken Johnson, expressed his gratitude to everyone for their support.

“I’d like to thank the people in Austrlaia who have given us support … Peace and love on earth,” he told Daily Mail Australia. “This is all very moving, thank you for supporting us.”