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Super Smash Bros. has received new updates, as fans avidly wait for the winner of the Fighter Ballot. SmashBros official website

A lot of “Super Smash Bros.” fans waiting for the official announcement on which character proved to be the winner of the Fighter Ballot. While waiting for the new character addition, fans can take some time to take a look into the history of the costumes in “Super Smash Bros.”

Nintendo Life spotted a video created by TheSuperRetroBros, which delves into the origins of the alternative costumes that players can use in the game. It appears that some costumes take inspiration from the characters’ own experiences and adventures in the game.

Most of the discussion involve costumes that are not as well-known, since those are no longer tackled here. One good example shows off Mario’s costumes. The video tackles four costumes from different Mario titles.

Among the alternative costumes include his Famicom Artwork in “Mario Bros,” “Wrecking Crew” for the green alternative and Foreman Spike costume in Wrecking Crew for the gray overalls. His red-and-white striped hat and overalls came from “NES Open.”

Other characters to be featured include Luigi, Bowser, Dr. Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Ness of “Earthbound,” Little Mac of “Punch-Out!!” and a couple of “Fire Emblem” characters. All of these are featured in the video seen below, which is less than a half-hour long.

Gamers who have yet to try out “Super Smash Bros.” can now do so at a discounted price. Best Buy is currently offering the title on the Wii U or $44.99. This saves new buyers $15 from the original price of $54.99, GeekSnack reported.

This is the best time to take advantage of the offer. “Super Smash Bros.” has just recently received a number of updates, including the latest which fixed Diddy Kong’s glitch.

"Super Smash Bros." alternative costumes' origins (Credit: YouTube/TheSuperRetroBros)

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