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Super Smash Bros. has received new updates, as fans avidly wait for the winner of the Fighter Ballot. SmashBros official website

The final Nintendo Direct for 2015 held a lot of surprises, making it an extra special broadcast for fans of “Super Smash Bros.” Apart from the character revelations for the remaining DLC characters for the game, the developer also included a special announcement for Mii fighters.

Following the broadcast, Nintendo has released some videos via the “Super Smash Bros” official YouTube page. One of these can be seen below, which features costumes showing off Chocobos and Geno. The Wave five of Mii Fighters costumes show a crossover with the “Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars” for the Geno costume.

There is also a crossover costume with the “Final Fantasy” franchise, which allows Mii Fighters to wear Chocobo hats in action. Fans who caught the announcement trailer for Cloud Strife’s inclusion in “Super Smash Bros” will know that these were coming, as the end of the announcement trailer featured Mii fighters wearing the very same Chocobo hats.

VG 247 also spotted another video, this time featuring more Mii fighter costumes. The Wave Six batch of costumes feature crossovers for franchises like “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “WarioWare, Inc.” and The Tower of Druaga.” Some of the costumes are for Bionic, Takamaru, Ashley, Gil, Tails and Knuckles.

The trailer for the Wave Six Mii Fighters costumes can be seen in the link above. This batch, however, will see release early next year, specifically sometime in February 2016. The Chocobo hats and Geno costume are already downloadable for “Super Smash Bros” players.

More than the costumes, the Nintendo Direct for December also featured details for the newest available character, Cloud. Nintendo has made Cloud available on the “Super Smash Bros” for US$5.99 (AU$8) on the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Players can also opt to get Cloud as a cross-buy for both platforms by paying US$6.99 (AU$9.70), The Verge reported.

Obtaining Cloud will also give players a new stage from “Final Fantasy VII.” He is not the last character for “Super Smash Bros,” though. Nintendo has also confirmed that two more characters, Bayonetta and Corrin from “Fire Emblem” will also join the roster. Both characters will debut in February 2016.

"Super Smash Bros" Mii fighters costume (Credit: YouTube/Super Smash Bros)

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