“Super Smash Bros.” already has a roster filled with fan favorites, but it looks like even more beloved characters are being added to the mix, including the Inklings from “Splatoon.” Ever since game director Masahiro Sakurai had fans vote for the next fighter as downloadable content (DLC), many “Smash” players have anticipated who would be next.

According to Gamenesia, there’s a good chance that the Inklings make it to the game, due to the success of “Splatoon” on the Wii U. It seems like Nintendo wants to add characters who weren’t part of the ballot vote, and the popularity of “Splatoon” makes the Inklings an obvious candidate for DLC.

The DLC rumours have been heating up recently, due to the latest update to “Super Smash Bros.” has three empty character slots. The game’s developers have yet to comment on the possibility, but three empty character slots is saying a lot.

While the Inklings are a solid candidate to make it in the game, they aren’t the only possible additions as DLC. Other candidates fans have guessed include Professor Layton, Rool, Ridley, Isaac and Shovel Knight.

Though the character of Shovel Knight doesn’t belong to Nintendo, the game is available on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Furthermore, an Amiibo of the character has been confirmed and was momentarily seen in the game’s roster, which is why many fans assumed the indie darling would be debuting in “Smash Bros.” according to Vine Report.

“Shovel Knight” developer Yacht Club Games has since stated that the listing of the Amiibo in the “Smash Bros.” roster was a listing mistake. It’s possible that the developer is simply misdirecting fans, but until an official announcement is made, all fans can do is speculate.

“Super Smash Bros.” is available now for the 3DS and the Wii U. DLC characters that have been released so far include Mewtwo from the “Pokemon” franchise and Ryu from “Street Fighter.” The current roster consists of plenty fan favorites, including Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Mario, Bowser, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran and much more. Fans can also customize Mii fighters and bring them to the game’s roster.

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