A poster of the "Suits" TV series. Suits/ Facebook

“Suits” season 8 episode 10 will be mainly about the fight between Alex (Dulé Hill) and Samantha (Katherine Heigl) for the position of the next name partner. According to the preview video however, the fight will get bigger, with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) getting involved.

It was previously decided by Harvey and Robert that the best way to select the next name partner will be through a case that Samanth and Alex will have to fight. The two lawyers have been itching to fight against each other to prove who’s better. Now that they will finally get their chance the stakes are too high for both.

The preview video of the next episode [see below] shows Samantha going to Robert, presumably after Alex beats her. Alex too will go to Harvey. It remains to be seen which lawyer gets beaten in the case and goes to seek help first, but the end result is that Harvey and Robert will end up fighting over it.

Things will get so bad that Harvey will ask Robert to step down and let him become the managing partner. Will Robert help Samantha after she cashes in an old debt? Harvey has already made it clear to Robert that the latter has always been easy on Samantha, and has let her do as she pleases ever since she got into the firm.

With the war threatening to split the firm apart, it will be up to Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) to step in and save the day. Since this is the mid-season finale however, there may be a cliff-hanger that will be resolved only when the show returns.

On the bright side, Harvey and Robert have bonded well in the past few episodes. They even had some movie references in their conversations, just as Mike and Harvey used to.

Credit: Suits/ Facebook