A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

A new clip from the bonus content of “Suits” season 7 has been released online. The video shows the blooper reel of the show, with the behind-the-scenes footage of the goof-ups of the cast members.

The new video [see below] starts with Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt) showing the fans his character’s bed room for the very first time. The actor jokes about the fans feeling grossed out, but the most funny part of the clip is that the actor thought that it was for season 8, shouting out his mistake when it was pointed out to him.

Another interesting exchange is between Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) and Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter). Both the actors are in character when they talk about the long running show, which has finished seven seasons. Adams has exited the show, and it is understandable to be emotional about it. But, Macht, in typical Harvey style, teases his fellow cast member of becoming soft.

There are some scenes of the other actors doing a little dance routine. Some of the other cast members the fans get to see in the video are Wendell Pierce (Robert Zane), Meghan Markle (Rachael Zane), and Dulé Hill (Alex Williams).

Perhaps the best scene in the video is Sarah Rafferty’s interaction with someone off camera. The actress appears to be speaking to Director Michael Smith when she said she didn’t know from when to start taking his direction. “Ahh...season 1,” the director replied with all the crew members erupting in laughter, and even Rafferty joined in.

The post on Facebook suggests that fans catch up on all that has happened on the show to prepare for the premiere of season 8.

“Suits” will return with season 8 on July 18. The big change on the show is the addition of Katherine Heigl as the lawyer Samantha Wheeler.

Credit: Suits/Facebook