'Suits' Season 5 spoilers: Episode 11 to deal with repercussions of Mike's arrest

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Patrick Adams in 'Suits'
Actor Patrick Adams poses at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California August 16, 2014. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) built a reputation for himself over the five seasons. He gave his best and rarely failed to come up with a solution to fix a legal issue. But the success, the promotion to junior partner, a dream life and Rachel Zane’s (Meghan Markle) unconditional love could not rinse off the fraud tag, and in the closing moments of “Suits” Season 5 mid-season finale, the law finally caught up with him.

The fed agents showed up at the firm to arrest him as he was walking away from his imposter life to start anew. This is what was waiting for him before he could reach the exit door [elevator]: "Michael James Ross, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud."

“Suits” Season 5 mid-season finale also saw Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) resigning to stop Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) and his accomplice Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) from interring Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres).

The episode 11 of “Suits” Season 5 is set to deal with Mike’s arrest. Aaron Korsh, creator of “Suits,” told The Hollywood Reporter that the new episode picks up right where it left off, and the six episodes of the second installment is going to explore the impact of Mike’s arrest on each member of the firm. Also Mike's story will be the main focus of the new episodes. 

 “The last six are going to be a little bit more focused on Mike and what he’s going through in the wake of being arrested,” Korsh said. “We’re going to get some more insights into him on how he handles this from hereon in.”

Korsh also said that everything that happened before Mike’s arrest is up for consideration, including Harvey’s resignation.  “Previous decisions are back on the table to be revisited. And not just in [episode] 511, but I would say the back six in general,” the showrunner said.

The next installment of “Suits” Season 5 is likely to air sometime in January 2016.

“Suits” has already been renewed for Season 6.

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