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IN PHOTO: Actress Sarah Rafferty poses during Audi Celebrates Golden Globes Week 2015 event in West Hollywood, California January 8, 2015. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Donna is Donna and without her as his secretary, it is going to be tough days ahead for Harvey. But things won’t be easy for Donna as well in the upcoming episodes of “Suits” Season 5.

[Spoilers Alert: Read at Your Own Risk]

“Life is complicated for her,” Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna on “Suits,” told TV Fanatic, adding that it is not going to be a “rosy situation.” She also said that Louis and Harvey are “not playing nice to each other.” Rafferty described her character’s situation as being “stuck.”

Rafferty said that her character is not capable of cold shouldering anyone. Donna, however, tries to get Harvey to open up about what is going on between them and to talk about it, according to the actress. She added that for Donna, it will be a challenging time.

Meanwhile, Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike, told TV Fanatic that Harvey is kind of “rudderless” because Donna has abandoned him. He revealed that his character has got a “big job” that he needs to focus on and because of that Mike cannot be there for Harvey the way he wants him to be there.

Adams also ruled out the possibility of “Suits” Season 5 being Mike and Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) wedding season -- the two got engaged in the previous season finale. He said that the new season will see Mike trying to get the respect of Rachel’s father, Robert Zane. The actor said that he has a lot of scenes with Wendell Pierce, who plays Robert Zane.

As previously reported, Gina Torres, who plays Jessica, said that “Suits” will feature tears, though not Jessica’s. Markle teased that “stakes are high” in the upcoming episodes. She also hinted, with Donna gone from Harvey’s life, someone else might step in to fill Donna’s role for Harvey. She told TV Fanatic that it opens up a “big window for different players in the firm to become closer to him [Harvey].”

“Suits” Season 4 ended on two major developments, Donna leaving Harvey to work for Louis and Mike and Rachel’s engagement. “Suits” Season 5, scheduled to premiere on June 24, will pick up after some time has passed since the previous season finale.

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