Stefanie Joosten in her upcoming film, "Rekindle." YouTube/Rekindle

Rumours surrounding “Death Stranding” have continued to follow the game, especially with fans keeping their eyes keen on the most minuscule of updates. The cast of the upcoming Kojima Productions project have thus been kept on their toes for any accidental slip ups. One possible cast member has had to keep mum despite being pressed regarding her participation in the game. That person in question is Stefanie Joosten, who has been rumoured to be a part of the game’s cast.

Joosten was present at the recent Dutch Comic Con 2017, and though she was there to promote her new feature film, “Rekindle,” fans could not help but bring up her rumoured involvement with Hideo Kojima’s latest project. Joosten is no stranger to Kojima himself, having worked with him for “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain” back when Kojima was still with Konami.

As some fans will recall, Joosten is known for having portrayed the character Quiet in the aforementioned game. However, talks of her portraying a character in “Death Stranding” have yet to be put to rest. This is because Joosten had been previously spotted paying a visit to Guerrilla Games, whose Decima Engine will be utilised for Kojima’s upcoming title. Furthermore, Kojima had been caught sporting a Joosten cap in his latest episode for HideoTube, thus reinforcing such talks of Joosten and Kojima working together yet again.

When asked if she was working with Kojima once more, Joosten chose to play coy. “Ik kan er helaas niks over zeggen, (I can’t say anything about that, unfortunately,)” she said. Her response was telling enough. The fact that she could not comment on her involvement with Kojima implies that there seems to be something in the works between them after all. If Joosten were not under any contractual obligation to keep quiet, then she could have easily given a more direct answer to the question.

Confirmation from both parties has yet to surface, but Joosten’s response (or lack thereof) has given more credibility to her rumoured involvement. A previous rumour involving actress Emma Stone had surfaced in a similar vein, as what appeared to be a leaked image of the “La La Land” star in Kojima’s upcoming game had spurred several discussions among fans. Such had only been fuelled by Kojima himself after he posted a tweet showing vinyls of “Death Stranding” and “La La Land” together. This rumour was later debunked after it was revealed that the supposed leaked image had been a picture of a YouTube star’s makeup tutorial for a look sported by Mads Mikkelsen’s character in the game.

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