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Here’s another limited edition dollar delight. Save up to US$48.79 (AU$64.34) on 21 Steam keys with the Dollar Rush Bundle. Check out some of the bundle’s highlights below.

'ShipLord' | Indie, Action, Casual, Adventure, Bullet Hell | Normal Price: US$9.99 (AU$13.17)

This indie survival game incorporates asteroid dodging mechanism, energy collection and interactive boss battles. Make it out alive with the given amount of time and get as much energy as possible. Unlock new boss levels by finishing different asteroid levels.

“ShipLord” features a medal-based rewards system that provides more upgrades on harder difficulty levels. Three different abilities are also available when in dire need. The game likewise boasts of astounding space graphics, hi-res planets and more than a hundred distinct asteroid models with different textures.

'Asteroid Bounty Hunter' | Action, Indie, Casual, Adventure, RPG | Normal Price: US$7.99 (AU$10.54)

This space shooter is beyond asteroid blowing, and players need to outsmart ever-changing enemies. Save entire planets from complete annihilation but don’t forget to take care of business with other bounty hunters. “Asteroid Bounty Hunter” includes five different types of bounty hunters as well as five unique bosses.

'Survive in Space' | Action, Casual, Indie, RPG, Space, Bullet Hell | Normal Price: US$4.99 (AU$6.58)

“Survive in Space” centres heavily on gameplay mechanics. Help the young soldier named Sasaki in his fight against the alien Chronicles. Battle depression and save humankind using the powers bestowed by The Shadow. This game includes over 20 different kinds of enemies, five powerful bosses, four difficulty levels, five fighter ships, more than 50 different levels and over 90 songs.

The Dollar Rush Bundle offers 98 percent in total savings. All 21 Steam keys come from official publishers and are made available right away after purchase. Head over to Bundle Stars before July 15 to take advantage of the offer.

The Dollar Rush Bundle complete line-up:

  1. Asteroid Bounty Hunter
  2. Charlie’s Adventure
  3. Cube Runner
  4. Duke of Alpha Centauri
  5. Fly and Destroy
  6. Hungry Flame
  7. Neon Prism
  8. Neon Space
  9. Neon Space 2
  10. ShipLord
  11. Slash It
  12. Slash It 2
  13. Slash It 2 - A Himitsu Exclusive Edition DLC
  14. Slash it 2 - Chinese Edition Pack DLC
  15. Slash it 2 - Electronic Music Pack DLC
  16. Slash it 2 - German Edition Pack DLC
  17. Slash It 2 - JanjiMusic Exclusive Edition DLC
  18. Slash it 2 - Russian Edition Pack DLC
  19. Spin Rush
  20. Survive in Space
  21. Upside Down


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