'Star Wars Rebels'
A still from Disney's animation TV series "Star Wars Rebels." Star Wars Rebels/ Facebook

The plot synopses of the first six episodes of “Star Wars Rebels” season 4 have been released online. The fight against the Empire this season will begin at Mandalore, then the story gets more intense after the arrival of Saw Gerrera (voiced by Forest Whitaker), who is still obsessed with a super weapon.

According to the synopsis posted on Star Wars Underworld, the series will begin with some action on Mandalore. The Empire has taken Sabine’s (voiced by Tiya Sircar) father hostage, and now it is up to the heroes to launch a daring rescue. Sabine will lead an army of Mandalorians, who will be joined by Ezra (voiced by Taylor Gray) and Kanan (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.).

In the second episode, Sabine will discover the Empire building a weapon that she created, and there are plans to use it against her own people. She will be faced with the choice of either destroying the weapon or using it.

Episode 3 and 4 will pick up the pace of the war against the Empire. The Ghost crew will be tasked with spying on an Imperial outpost they’d like to destroy. Saw Gerrera will be back at this point, and he continues to hunt for the elusive super weapon of the Empire.

In the fifth episode, the heroes will be back at Lothal, where they have to deal with a new Imperial threat. This episode is titled “The Occupation,” suggesting that the Empire will attempt to tighten its grip on the planet.

The sixth episode is titled “Flight of the Defender,” which is the name of the new TIE fighter that Grand Admiral Thrawn (voiced by Lars Mikkelsen) has been developing for some time now. Ezra and Sabine will steal a prototype of this ship, and will get some unexpected help to escape.