'Star Wars Rebels'
A poster of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3. Facebook/ Star Wars Rebels

Taylor Gray, who is the voice behind Ezra Bridger, spoke about his character in “Star Wars Rebels” Season 3 in a recent interview. The actor spoke about how the passionate fan base tends to scrutinise every aspect of his character to come up with theories. Meanwhile, preview videos of episode 6 have been released online.

An interview posted on the official YouTube channel of the franchise shows the actor speaking about how the fans are reacting to the new season. The actor said that he was “stoked” with the reaction and added that the fans have a theory for everything. Gray gave one example where a fan would have a theory about why the wind blows the hair in a certain way. He said that the theories were a beautiful aspect of the franchise because it means the fans are invested in the characters and it means a lot to them.

Talking about “Star Wars Rebels” Season 3, Gray pointed out that just as he began to grow his hair out; his character on the show got a short haircut. He also talked about the evolution of his character and his temptation to join the Dark side of the Force.

Another video released online looks at what happened to the Super Tactical Droid Kalani (voice by Gregg Berger) after the events of the previous episode. The video also teases a scene from episode 6.

[Spoiler alert]

In the interview Co-Executive Producer Henry Gilroy said that the final battle against the Clone War era droids in the previous episode gave the Clone Trooper Rex (voice by Dee Bradley Baker) some closer. As far as Kalani’s future is concerned, Gilroy said that the Super Tactical Droid could work for the Hutts as an advisor. He also felt that once the droid sees the Rebels destroying the Death Star he may consider joining them

The video also includes a scene from “Star Wars Rebels” Season 3 episode 6. The scene shows Ezra and Sabine (Tiya Sircar) approaching a man, and they later see a base that has been attacked. They learn that a rival faction of Mandalorians is responsible for the attack.

Credit: YouTube/ Star Wars