Daisy Ridley
Actress Daisy Ridley arrives at the premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in Hollywood, California December 14, 2015. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Daisy Ridley has watched a few scenes of “Star Wars: Episode 8,” while it is still being edited. The actress teased some details about her upcoming film and also speculated about the time when the first trailer will be released.

Apart from being a talented actress, Ridley (Rey) is also the executive producer and narrator of the documentary film “The Eagle Huntress.” In an interview with Empire Magazine on her new project she was also asked about the Rian Johnson film.

Ridley went to see the director in the editing room, but Johnson apparently doesn’t like to show the film before the editing is complete. However, the actress got to see a few scenes that she described as a “sizzle reel.”

Only the core editing team is said to have access to the rough cut of the film, and Ridley suspects that no one else will be able to see “Star Wars: Episode 8” until the director and his team feels that it is ready. The actress said the Johnson seems “very happy” with what they have done so far, and described it as “very, very exciting.”

When asked about the first trailer of the film, Ridley said that she has no idea about it. She pointed out that “Rogue One” is releasing soon, so the producers may wait for some time before releasing the trailer for the next movie. The actress speculated that Johnson and his team may have something for the fans during the Celebrations event next year.

Ridley was later asked to share one line of dialogue from “Star Wars: Episode 8.” The actress only gave the word “I” and explained that it is “powerful” and it “sums up so many things.” She also joked by saying that she had given away a “big spoiler” from her upcoming movie.