Star Wars: Battlefront
"Star Wars Battlefront" players can enjoy the rewards of the Community Mission. Electronic Arts

“Star Wars Battlefront” players can celebrate Valentine’s Day by leveling up even faster through the game. Electronic Arts and DICE have granted a 2X Bonus for the entire weekend and on Valentine’s Day. This will bring more experience, bonus scores and credits for players.

The event is the reward for the community’s efforts in the recently concluded second Community Mission. Players had to accomplish 3,000,000 Daily Challenges to win the Community Mission. Even though the developer had also stated that the goal was relatively high, “Star Wars Battlefront” players were able to achieve and even exceed the goal. The community was able to deliver 4.3 million completed Daily Challenges.

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As such, the reward is the current ongoing 2X Bonus Weekend. For now, the next Community Mission is set to kick off on Feb. 16. While EA and DICE did not give any details, there was a slight teaser that players should be ready and brush up on the skills relating to the princess.

“Don’t think we didn’t notice this event takes place during Valentine’s Day. So find a co-op partner to share Blaster duels and complete Hero Hunts with this weekend and earn your 2X bonus rewards,” said EA over at the official “Star Wars Battlefront” website.

Though the 2X Bonus Valentine’s Day weekend is a special event, this is not the only event that players can expect for February. According to Express, there is another free multiplayer map coming sometime this month.

Additionally, however, players who have been longing to get an offline mode for the game may also be looking at some developments in that area as well. The source had spotted a conversation between fans and the developer on when offline multiplayer will become a reality. While there was no promise of a release date, there are promising developments.

This was the only teaser that DICE’s Dennis Brannvall had shared over Twitter. There had been no follow-ups since then, but considering how much the community has been clamoring for an offline multiplayer experience in “Star Wars Battlefront,” it may not be far in coming for the game.