Star Trek: Discovery tv series
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Details about new characters joining “Star Trek Discovery” season 2 have surfaced online. Among the three new characters, there is a Young Vulcan, which should come as exciting news for the fans of the franchise. The following article contains spoilers.

The fans may know the casting of Tig Notaro as Chief Engineer Reno of the ship USS Hiawatha. According to a report by TrekToday, the character will be seen in a wheel chair. The casting announcement had said that despite the physical situation of the character, the actor playing the role has to be “extremely physically fit” because this will be a physically demanding role.

“Chief engineer Reno is high-energy and bordering on boisterous, she is happiest when she’s fighting a stubborn bolt, a real gearhead,” the character description states. This will be a recurring role.

Another character, also an engineer, is also a female. The name as per the casting call is May and the character description states this to be a friendly officer in her twenties who shows real concern for others when faced with danger. This role is open for all ethnicities, with the only requirement being the ability to speak in a distinctive non-American accent. This appears to be a comedic role, as such experience is considered to be a plus in the casting announcement.

The third, and the biggest new character is the casting announcement is for a young boy who will play the role of a Vulcan. This is a role that will be for one or two episodes. The name used in the casting announcement is Samuel, but the report suggests that this is for the role of young Spock.

The USS Enterprise and the crew will be back in “Star Trek Discovery” season 2. The fans will get to meet its captain and the crew, which may include a young Spock.