Star Trek: Discovery tv series
CBS' "Star Trek: Discovery" teaser poster Facebook/Star Trek: Discovery

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 will bring back the USS Enterprise, a ship from the original TV series. The fans have already seen the ship in the season 1 finale, but it looked a little different. A team from the show recently shed some light on how the design of the ship evolved.

Speaking at the recent WonderCon, Production Designer Tamara Deverell explained how the final design of the Enterprise came about, TrekMovie reports. According to Deverell the initial design of the ship was based on the original TV series. Latter they looked at the movies form the franchise, in which the ships are “a little bit fatter, a little bit bigger.” In the end they decided to make the ship longer, to make it fit in the universe of the new show.

Jason Zimmerman added that the final design of the ship involved a lot of back and forth between Deverell’s team and the visual effects department. There were a lot of emails that apparently talked about how the ship would have evolved, to match it to the size of the ships in the new TV series.

Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman admitted that the Discovery looks more modern than the Enterprise. The producer pointed out that if they had used a similar design as the one seen in 1960s TV series, then the modern audience would have felt that the show is not worth their money.

Despite the need to update the ship and costumes from the 60s show, Kurtzman pointed out that they took great pains to make sure that each creative decision is justified. They examined each and every prop to see which one needs an upgrade, what can be used n more subtle ways from the original series, and what can be used as it is. What exact adjustments have been made to the Enterprise will only be known when season 2 airs.