Star Trek: Discovery tv series
CBS' "Star Trek: Discovery" teaser poster Facebook/Star Trek: Discovery

After spending a lot of time in the torture chambers, Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) will rise again in “Star Trek Discovery” episode 13. The shocking revelation about the character will make his journey exciting to watch from here.

A preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows Lorca rescuing some of his comrades put in torture chambers on board the imperial palace. He is now in perfect position to finally achieve his goal of overthrowing Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

As Lorca spread chaos on emperor’s ship, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) will have a choice to make. She can either help her captain overthrow the ruthless emperor or help Georgiou fight the rebel who may have brought the ship and the crew from her universe deliberately into the mirror universe.

Michael’s choice will be a difficult one, but she appears to be taking the emperor’s side. Even though the emperor stands for values that are fundamentally opposed to the Federation, she doesn’t pose a threat to Michael’s universe. Lorca, on the other hand, might be ambitious enough to build a fleet of ships based on the spore drive technology and conquer the other universe as well.

Saru (Doug Jones) will learn that Captain Lorca is from the mirror universe, and he will now take command of the ship after informing the crew. Will Michael serve under Saru by the end of the first season? It seems like Michael will have to wait for a long time before she can take on the role of the captain, even though she is the most qualified.

Another scene on YouTube shows Lorca telling his comrades that he has a plan. One of the scenes in the promo also shows the captain coming face to face with Michael.