Boxes containing Sony Playstation 4s are pictured in advance of a special sale event put on by Sony at the Standard Hotel in New York November 14, 2013.

It took only 24 hours for Sony to sell off over a million PlayStation 4 units in North America on Friday. However, there have already been reports of hardware problems. Even though only about 0.4 per cent users have experienced hardware issues, Polygon resolves some of those.

Disc Ejection Issues

Issue: There have been several complaints that the disc is getting stuck and the players are not able to eject it. There have also been complaints of auto-ejection of discs as the system automatically ejects the disc when it is inside.

Resolution: This kind of a problem happens mostly when the PS4 is placed horizontally. There have been numerous occasions when keeping it placed vertically was the only thing a user had to do to solve the problem. If that does not solve the issue, you should eject the disc manually and then turn off the PS4, unplugging all the cables. Turn the manual ejection screw with a screwdriver. This will out the disc a little out of the slot. You can then manually take it out.

Red Line

Issue: The red line is caused due to overheating of the PS4 system. There are several videos on YouTube, which shows the problem. One of the videos claims that the fans did not get turned on. When it reaches the welcome screen, the light is changed to red from blue and then the console shuts down after a beep.

Resolution: To ensure that your PS4 system does not suffer from overheating, you should not keep it on a carpet or on the ground. There should be enough ventilation in the place where you keep it. if the fans do not get turned on, you should request a replacement.

Blinking Blue Light

Issue: This issue is apparently the most prevalent one as over 26 per cent of 2,400 user reviews on Amazon indicate that users are suffering from the blinking 'blue light of death.' During normal booting, the blue light on the top is illuminated only for seconds and then turned into white. However, when it stays blue and keeps blinking, it means that the server is not sending any signal to the monitor.

Resolution: There can be various reasons behind this issue. There can be issues with the compatibility of the monitor, the hard drive, the power supply of the PS4 or any other hardware. It is not possible to understand any specific reason only by looking at the blinking blue light. Thus, Sony recommends upgrading the firmware version of the monitor to solve compatibility issues. At times, a simple unplugging of the PS4 power cable and plugging it once again may solve the issue. Check if the hard drive's position is proper in the console. Hold the power button for 7 seconds to restart it in safe mode. Reinstall the system software by following instructions if required.

Video: YouTube/Joshua Moore