A Sony employee takes a Playstation 4 out of the box in advance of a special sale event put on by Sony at the Standard Hotel in New York November 14, 2013.

North America has already got the taste of Sony PlayStation 4 on Nov 15. Australia and Europe will still have to wait until Nov 29 for the launch. A million users started using the PS4 within 24 hours of the launch on Friday as, the company claims, over a million items have already been sold.

The reviews are gradually making the rounds. Here is what Gizbot says about the positive and 'not-so' positive points about the latest innovation from Sony.

Things You'll Love

Game Pad: The Dual Shock 4 gamepad comes with the PS4. This is the finest gaming pad Sony has ever produced. Even though you may not find it revolutionary, Sony has used its decade-long experience in console designing to manufacture a brilliant controller.

4K Support: The console comes with 4K video resolution support. Generally, HD video comes in less than 2K as 1920x1080 is considered to be HD quality (1080p). A 4K resolution means that the PS4 supports videos which give minimum 4,000 resolution instead of 1,920 which is the highest quality a normal HD video provides.

Hardware Console: The PS4 is way more powerful than its rival, the Xbox One. It has got arguably the most powerful hardware console to date, which allows it to be superior to Microsoft's efforts. The specifications are far greater in the PS4 than in the Xbox One.

Pricing: The price is definitely one of the most deciding factors in any electronic device. The PS4 costs $100 less than its rival, Microsoft Xbox One. The PS4 is sold on Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy in the U.S. for $399, while it is sold at the same price on Amazon in Canada as well.

Things You'll Hate

Compatibility: Probably the most irritating aspect about the PS4 is that it does not run PS3 games. If you spent days collecting them and hoped to have a greater time with a more advanced console like the PS4, you are sure to get disappointed.

4K is not supported in games: The PS4 is able to play 4K photos and videos, but it does not support 4K resolution in games. This prevents it from being a next-gen sensation.

Media Support (or lack of them): The console is not able to play MP3s at the moment from any storage device which is connected through the USB port. It does not play CDs, which means that you are only allowed to play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.