Sofia Vergara On The Ellen DeGeneres Show: ‘Modern Family’ Star Opens Up About Relationship With Joe Manganiello, Reveals Initial Thought On ‘Magic Mike’ Actor

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Sofia Vergara
IN PHOTO: Sofia Vergara, 40, shared a photo of herself getting an anti- aging treatment at the famed Beaute Oblige clinic in New York. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Colombian actress Sofía Vergara made a guest appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, Nov. 12, where she opened up about her relationship with Joe Manganiello. The "Modern Family" star revealed to TV host Ellen DeGeneres her initial thought when she first saw the "True Blood" and "Magic Mike" actor.

The interview begins with Ellen DeGeneres congratulating the 42-year-old actress for being in love. "Thank you. I mean, no words. Only images," Vergara responds after Ellen showed a photo of the couple.

"That's a good-looking couple right there," the TV host stated. Then, Ellen DeGeneres showed another image where actor Joe Manganiello was obviously checking out Sofía Vergara at the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner where they first met.

Sofía Vergara recounted that the 37-year-old hunk actor was so embarrassed when they talked about the photograph over the phone. The actress shared that someone sent her the image and when she asked Joe Manganiello about it, the actor did not know what to say for like two seconds.

"But I thought it was funny," Vergara admitted. The actress further shared to Ellen DeGeneres that she initially saw Joe Manganiello far away from her at events.

"I thought he was very handsome, but I was not interested. Too handsome," Vergara shared to the TV host. Afterwards, Ellen and Sofia's discussion shifted to Joe Manganiello's upcoming movie "Magic Mike XXL."

The actress shared that she visited her boyfriend on the Savannah set of the movie sequel. Ellen DeGeneres revealed that her visit got her in trouble because she took images and posted them to tease her fans.

However, Sofía Vergara insisted that she did not get in trouble. "You cannot really see who they are and I wanted to give my fans a little peek. Like I was there, how could I deny them that?" the actress explained.

After the image leak, Ellen DeGeneres shared that the production warned about not sharing images anymore. Sofía Vergara argued that the warning was not aimed at her but the TV host pointed out that the instruction was made because of her. "Maybe they did say it to me but I didn't understand very well," Vergara teased. Click HERE to watch the video.

According to a Mail Online report, Ellen DeGeneres challenged Sofía Vergara to identify which muscular man wears her perfume with a blindfold on aside from making her celebrity guest open up about her love life. Click HERE to see photos.

Sofía Vergara currently portrays character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in "Modern Family" Season 6 that airs Wednesdays on ABC. The Colombian actress is set to portray the character D.D. next in the crime-thriller titled "Wild Card" with Jason Statham, Stanley Tucci and Anne Heche.

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