The Sims 4
The recent update of "The Sims 4" added a toddler feature to the game earlier this year. Facebook/The Sims

After over two years in the market, “The Sims 4” received an update last month that added Toddlers into the well beloved EA Games title. It definitely adds a new level of difficulty to the game, as getting getting used to the potty seats and overall raising of the new characters can prove to be tedious.

As the life stage between being babies and being children, players need to spend time teaching their toddlers how to walk, talk, use the toilet and eat by themselves. The process is not glamorous at all, but it has been a fixture in the franchise for quite a while. Toddlers first appeared in “The Sims 2,” and when “The Sims 4” did not have the same, fans of the series were quick to point this out to Electronic Arts.

Nevertheless, the feature is now available, and it first begins with making or adopting a toddler. The natural way to have them is to wait until the baby grows into a toddler, but there are other ways to start raising them. Toddlers can be made when starting a new family in CAS, and this provides players with the added plus of being able to customise the characters. Toddlers have their own range of clothes, hairstyles and shoes to choose from.

Adopting is another option, but some will argue that they could look different from what is desired. However, players can click these adopted toddlers with an adult select to change their outfit in the “Toddler Care” menu. Gamers are advised not to touch the character traits as they can still be buggy until “The Sims 4” receives another update.

Toddlers will need special items in order to survive, the most basic of which are a toddler-sized bed to sleep in, a high chair for eating and drinking and a potty chair for toilet training. These items can be purchased by going into buy mode and then to the children’s room. Players should also consider buying toys that will enhance the characteristics of the toddler. Blocks will improve movement, toys will improve imagination and a kidding tablet computer will offer a range of teachable skills.

The Toddler will have several needs, just like every adult Sim. An arguably more important one, however, is how to use the potty. In order to train the toddler to acquire this knowledge, adults must use every bladder-draining opportunity to actually use the potty chair instead of using a diaper. An adult will instruct the toddlers on what to do when the potty is chosen. However, without the movement skill, toddlers will not be able to climb stairs so this must be put into consideration.

The Toddler update, as an official post claimed, has been a long time coming for “The Sims 4.” The game developer admitted that it was simply waiting for the right time and for the right resources before releasing the feature. The post also admitted that a lot of thought and effort has been put into the update, and this becomes obvious when explored.

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