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Actor Sam Heughan arrives at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 10, 2016. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The cast and crew of “Outlander” are back in Scotland to film season 4, and there were some troubles they had to face. Meanwhile, fans have been called to share their creations related to the show online. In fact, there’s a “surprise” waiting for those who do.

The official Twitter page of the TV series has called for fans to share their creations, which can be “drawings, costumes, and even cookies.” The post [see below] promises a “surprise” in return. Many have already started sharing drawings and other work related to the show and its characters.

Meanwhile, filming of season 4 has started in Scotland. Cast member Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) jokingly complained about the conditions on the set, after co-executive producer Maril Davis commented on the weather in Los Angeles.

It was apparently 12 degrees in Scotland, and it was also “Damp with midges.” The night shoots were particularly taxing on the cast and crew, and the weather remained the same on a daily basis, mush to the dislike of Heughan, particularly.

Davis responded to Heughan’s complaints by saying she would “gladly” trade places with him, “except for the midges and the night shoots.” This is just the beginning of filming, so the cast and crew should be able to adjust soon.

Author Diana Gabaldon, whose books the TV series is based on, also joined the conversation about filming troubles. The author always makes it a point to visit the set and interact with everyone every year. She said the midges are “tough” in Scotland, then joked about how difficult it must be to penetrate the constricted blood vessels of everyone on the set because of the cold weather conditions.

The third season of “Outlander” is currently airing on television. The next episode titled “A. Malcolm” is set to air on Oct. 22.

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Credit: Maril Davis/ Twitter